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Platform Set for TIFF 2017

The third edition of the Platform programme which takes place during the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival will be shining the international spotlight on the works of Armando Iannucci, Mike White, Lisa Langseth, Warwick Thornton, Barbara Albert, Xavier Legrand, Clio Barnard, Nabil Ayouch, Joan Chemla, Iram Haq, Michael Pearce and Kamila Andini.  “Platform is the place to look for the distinct stamp of today’s most interesting directors as they establish their reputations,” stated TIFF Artistic Director Cameron Bailey in a press release.  “It’s important that the Platform jury also reflects original thinking in cinema. We’re thrilled to bring together Wim Wenders, Chen Kaige and Malgorzata Szumowska, each one responsible for bringing visionary films into the world.”

Sweet Country

Competition for the Toronto Platform Prize ($25,000 CAD) sponsored by Air France begins with the World Premiere of the sardonic The Death of Stalin by Armando Iannucci starring Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Buscemi, and Andrea Riseborough.  Serving as the closing night film is period Australian western Sweet Country by Warwick Thornton about a hunted Aboriginal couple.  Other contenders include:

Beast by Michael Pearce, UK

A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of a series of brutal murders.

Brad’s Status by Mike White, USA

While touring colleges with his teenage son, an introspective, middle-aged family man (Ben Stiller) can’t help but compare himself to his more successful cohort of old friends (Luke Wilson, Jemaine Clement, and Michael Sheen).


Custody by Xavier Legrand, France

A broken marriage leads to a bitter custody battle with an embattled son at the centre.

Dark River by Clio Barnard, UK

Old wounds and bitter new grievances come to light when a woman (Ruth Wilson) returns home to settle the tenancy of her family’s Yorkshire farm.

Euphoria by Lisa Langseth, Sweden/Germany

Two estranged sisters (Alicia Vikander, Eva Green) attempt a difficult and ominous reconciliation.

If You Saw His Heart by Joan Chemla, France

Cast out of his insular community, a damaged and down on his luck man (Gael García Bernal) teeters between a life of crime and the path to redemption.

Mademoiselle Paradis

Mademoiselle Paradis by Barbara Albert, Austria/Germany

The true story of the relationship between a blind 18th-century Viennese pianist and the remarkable physician who worked to restore her sight.

Razzia by Nabil Ayouch, France

Five separate narrative threads are tied to one tumultuous event on the streets of Casablanca.

The Seen and Unseen by Kamila Andini, Indonesia

A 10-year-old girl retreats to a fantastical, evocative dream-space to deal with the tragic impending loss of her twin brother.

What Will People Say by Iram Haq, Norway/Germany/Sweden

Nisha’s double life — obedient to her traditional Pakistani upbringing at home, typical Norwegian teenager to her friends — comes crashing down when her concerned parents kidnap her and send her to Pakistan

Seen and Unseen

The 42nd Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 7 to 17, 2017 and for more information visit

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