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Cool Short: Number 13

Based on the Dark Horse comic, Number 13, a young cybernetic amnesiac, wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland searching for a father he can’t remember.

In a far-off future where hope is a forgotten word, a teenage boy awakens in a wasteland patrolled by mechanized monsters. With no memories of his past life, no belongings and no home, the only thing he truly possesses are mysterious, cybernetic powers. It is these abilities, coveted by rival factions intent on exploiting him, that quickly entangle him in a deadly struggle for the future of humanity. Known only by the number tattooed on his head, he is NUMBER 13.

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Director – Steve Petersen
Executive Producer – Sean Owolo
Digital Artists – Ming Shain-Wang / Natalie Egan / Benjamin Winleich
Cinematography – Ken Carlson / Thomas Scott Stanton
Producer – Elizabeth Gideon
Wardrobe – Ryan Lennon / Skye
Make-Up – Jessica DeBen

Number 13 creators – David Walker / Robert Love

Produced by – Big Machine (

Number 13 – Judah McLean
Father – Javier Rodriguez
Mother – Carissa Klein
Daughter – Lucky

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