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Valiant’s Shadowman gets a director

A few days ago I shared some images from Valiant’s Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe digital series. Now we have word on their live-action Shadowman movie.

According to THR, Adam Simon, showrunner for WGN America’s Salem, will rewrite a screenplay by J. Michael Straczynski based on the supernatural comic book property. Reginald Hudlin (Marshall), is attached to direct.

Shadowman is a supernatural concept based around an African-American musician in New Orleans who becomes infected by a spirit that allows him otherworldly abilities. As the latest incarnation of the titular Shadowman, a mystical defender of Earth against demonic invasion, he has to protect against threats from Master Darque and other denizens of the netherworld known as the Deadside.

I have always quite liked the Valiant universe. The fact they are not as well known as the Marvel and DC comic book universes should hopefully mean we get some films a little different.

Now who would you like to see play Shadowman?

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