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Have Horror Movies Really Told us the Truth About the End of the World?

When it comes to horror movies, most who are enthralled with these have some pretty high expectations. Most expect to be riveted to the edges of their seats in anticipation of what is to come next. Included in this classification of movies are those that are presenting the eerie thought of what could bring the world as we know it today to an end. There are lots of hypotheticals that can be imagined but when they are seen portrayed on the big screen then the reality of such possibilities really does hit home.

How about watching a movie that shows a superbug attack to end the world as a result of a plague created by some mysterious superbug? One such movie that opened the minds of many of this not being too far fetched was 2007’s I Am Legend. Those who saw this they were most impressed with the acting of Robert Neville.

For those who are into the sci-fi and aliens what about the chances of these unknown entities being so far advanced in their technology that they could wipe out earth without a second thought? Not all that unreal if you put any stock into the movie War of the Worlds that depicts aliens wiping out mankind.

With the way the world is headed today and with the fast paced technology that we are being exposed to, much as what we may have viewed in the horror movies of days gone past just may not be all that unrealistic. In fact, some people have even sat down and calculated the odds of the world ending in different ways. The statistics in an infographic by 888poker indicate there is a 1 in 2 chance of a pandemic so deadly it could wipe out the world before a solution for it could be found. One doesn’t have to go to the movies now to hear horrifying words like Ebola, Swine flu or Bird flu. Aliens seem less likely though, with 1/500, while the cinematic cult horror that is Godzilla – well, any giant monster actually – doesn’t look likely at all, with odds of 1/159 million.

Staying with the drama of the horror films and yet being able to relate to possibilities of the doom of the earth, all it takes is watching the movie Hyperion. Here the focus is on a large black hole that is so massive in size it has the ability to swallow up earth along with a few other planets that may get in its way. Perhaps a few decades years ago this would have seemed like an impossibility, but the term “black hole” is one that most are familiar with today. When science begins to partly back the theory of a black hole doomsday, then it puts the surge of adrenalin right on par with those who have been intrigued with movies like Hyperion.

So what are horror movies of the future going to be like? How can they possibly top all of these chilling selections that have been talked about or the many others that haven’t? It is speculated that there will be a lot of remakes for these end-of-the-world movies with perhaps some new twists to them. What will make them all the scarier is the fact that the horror they depict could truly become a reality. It doesn’t get much scarier than that.

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