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How to Find Good and Safe Live Streaming

Streaming movies and television is often mistakenly labelled as an illegal activity but this is far from the truth, in most instances. Streaming illegal or pirated copies of media is indeed illegal but paying for access to a streaming service is perfectly acceptable and is fast becoming the most popular way to watch film and television.

Get a Trust Rating

Obviously, the site you choose to use for streaming your chosen media needs to be completely trustworthy. This means no chances of it being shut down for illegal activity and no chances of Malware accessing your system during a streaming session.

Using extensions, such as Web of Trust, will provide a trust rating that will help you to decide whether or not you should use the website. High scores are very trustworthy where low ratings ought to be avoided.

Search Based on Genre

If you’re looking to watch a particular genre of film or programme; the chances are that a website has been set up specifically for fans of the genre. For example; Japanese animation has a large fan base around the world and there are several safe, trustworthy websites to be found from a simple Google search.

Paid Services

Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime offer access to thousands of programmes for a small monthly fee and are widely accepted as the frontrunners of media streaming. While they may not have the ‘free to use’ appeal of many websites; the streams are available in HD and the programming lists are updated regularly with new content.

Live Streaming

Websites and applications, such as BBC IPlayer, offer live streaming as part of their package but the live streams are limited to the channels the provider owns or broadcasts. Sky Go and Now TV offer live streaming of more channels than any other services, but these are paid applications.

Live streaming is available via some free websites, but it would be wise to assess them using Web of Trust or a similar app before accessing them due to concerns over your system’s safety.

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