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Ben Wheatley’s Freakshift will be kind of a 50s B-Movie meets Hill Street Blues and Doom

Armie Hammer and Ben Wheatley on the set of Free Fire

Alicia Vikander and Armie Hammer are set to star in Ben Wheatley’s (Kill List, High-Rise, Free Fire) film called Freakshift. Wheatley wrote the script with writing partner Amy Jump and it is set to be “an all-guns-blazing action thriller about a band of misfits who hunt down and kill nocturnal underground monsters.”

That was all we knew about it. However, Wheatley has been talking to Collider and gave us a few more details about the tone of the film.

It’s monsters, shotguns, trucks, fighting at night, and it’s in the future, things coming out like crabs. Stuff with claws.

It will be dynamic and exciting the same way that Free Fire is. But it won’t be sadistic. But it will be fun. It’s a kind of a 50s B-Movie done through the prism of Hill Street Blues and Doom.

I do like the sound of that. I’m always up for some movie monsters.

They are planning to start shooting the film in August.

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