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Check out this cool fan made trailer for a Matrix sequel

There was recently talk of a new Matrix movie. At first it was thought to be a reboot of the series, but turns out it is either going to be a sequel or a prequel. Rumour has it that it may focus on a young Morpheus and Michael B. Jordan is said to be starring in it.

However, if you made it through the original trilogy you will know that the Matrix itself does get rebooted or wiped clean.

Alex Luthor decided to imagine what a continuation of the story would be like and put together this great trailer featuring footage from John Wick, Lucy, Doctor Strange, Edge of Tomorrow, Equilibrium and lots more.

Seeing the footage from more recent films does go to show the huge influence The Matrix had on films. For any new Matrix movie to work I do feel they will have to push the boundaries once more for visual effects.

Images from John Wick: Chapter 2.

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