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Feature length documentary to be set in Las Vegas

We’ve heard on the grapevine that interviews and pre-production are underway for a documentary giving exclusive insight into the glamour and luxury of Las Vegas. After a year of research, Albuquerque-based video and documentary production company, Red Hall Films is going under the surface of Las Vegas casinos.

As well as being popular in various movies – Lost In Las Vegas, Casino, Ocean’s Eleven, 21, Casino Royale, etc – casinos offer a rich environment for a documentary-maker, with lots of ready-made drama unfolding every minute. Blackjack and roulette tables (the most popular games according to Poker Stars) can see huge and wins and losses, while Poker sees all sorts of characters and ‘game face’ techniques in play.

But Red Hall is also planning to reveal a bit more about two types different attitudes they’ve identified in Las Vegas guests. The feature-length doc is set to follow two groups of people who head to the city’s 24-hour casinos. “I think there’s a story to tell when it comes to Las Vegas luxury. We’ve had our eye on certain resorts; showing the experience of two different levels of gamblers and guests is one we think will draw folks in a real way,” explained project director Brian Rivera.

The film makers will follow their subjects, from the initial decision to visit Las Vegas, during their travel and throughout their resort stay. They plan to blend in resort staff interviews as well as behind the scenes footage. “We think a feature like this will be a great story, to give a behind the curtain look at America’s favourite city,” remarked the president of Red Hall Films’ parent company and partial funding source.

It’s hoped that all the footage will be in the can by early next year, with a finalised content date later in 2018. Red Hall will be offering the content to a range of channels and networks, including Netflix and Amazon. So keep your eyes peeled for what is sure to be a compelling documentary!

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