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Fan-O-Rama – Watch the full length live action Futurama Fan Film

Fan-O-Rama was created and developed by Cinema Relics. They describe it as, “an “out of this world” feature quality live action fan film of everyones favorite Sci-Fi Comedy, FUTURAMA!”

A lot of work has gone into this fan film. You can watch it below.

Directed By:
Dan Lanigan

Written By:
Dan Lanigan
Andy Klimczak
Kody Frederick

Executive Produced By:
The Brothers Lanigan

Produced By:
Martin Meunier
Kody Frederick
Katie Lanigan
Adam Cook


Kody Frederick

Katie Lanigan

Bender, Zoidberg, and Professor (Voice)
Brock Baker

Andy Klimczak

Marshall Porter

Amy/Alien Model
Olivia Yang

Zapp Brannigan
Vic Mignogna

Zod Hellebore
Charlie Ebersol

Head of Richard M. Nixon
Richard Little

Dan Lanigan

Dorfus Daughter
Elena Pearl

PE Ship/Deathclock/Squiddly (VO)
Llana Barron

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  1. That was like watching porn without the porn!

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