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Destiny: A Journey Through Space Exploration and Sci-Fi Movies

Richard Vezina got in touch to share this lovely video he has put together. Here is what he had to say about it:

Destiny is a mash-up/homage to space conquest and science-fiction films set in space. The combination of historical space conquest events with sci-fi cinema may seem unusual due to the differences between fiction and reality. However, an increasing number of sci-fi movies opt for technical realism close to actual current and future space conquest accomplishments. The selection was made based on the movies’ visuals and impact. Space opera-style films (such as Star Wars) were partly or completely skipped; however, some scenes were taken from movies like Star Trek, simply because of their beauty. However, many interesting movies on this subject were not selected, because their visuals did not match the project.

Destiny : A Journey Through Space Exploration and Sci-Fi Movies from Richard Vezina on Vimeo.

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