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Video Essay – The Synth Sounds of John Carpenter: Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13


I was lucky enough to go and see John Carpenter perform many of the themes he composed for his movies. You can can read all about that here.

My friend Rich, who is all about synths and electronic music, sent me the link to this great video that takes a close look at some of those themes.

John Carpenter has been a master of horror, suspense, and science fiction for 40 years, Directing cult classics such as Halloween, The Thing, and Big Trouble In Little China. But many do not know that Carpenter was also the man behind the soundtracks for nearly all of his films, often using synthesizers and keyboards of the day to craft sounds that are now synonymous with Horror and Science Fiction.

In this video, Justin DeLay shows us how to approximate three classic Carpenter themes on synthesizers of the day, and gives tips and suggestions on how you can be inspired to experiment at home, all while getting followed by a mysterious Shape…

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