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Cool Short: As They Continue To Fall – Written by Doctor Strange screenwriter


Director Nikhil Bhagat has debuted this fantastic short film As They Continue to Fall, a dark dystopian fantasy written by Doctor Strange screenwriter C. Robert Cargill.

“As They Continue to Fall” tells the story of a homeless man who hunts fallen angels in a dystopian society filled with crime and corruption. Haunted by a dark past, yet hopeful for the future, he continues to hunt as they continue to fall.

I do like a good short film and this is excellent. A great set-up, cool idea and it looks fantastic. It stars John Henry Whitaker, Burt Culver, Michael Felbinger, and Kevin Marron.

“I am extremely lucky and grateful that C. Robert Cargill took the time to write a script for me to direct,” said director Nikhil Bhagat. “My goal for this short was to honor his script by making it feel as grounded and realistic as possible. I wanted to create a cinematic and mainstream film that the audiences hopefully enjoy”

Nikhil Bhagat is a graduate of USC film school. As They Continue to Fall marks his professional film debut. He graduated with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs and worked in Washington D.C at a Biotech company before pursuing film.

In addition to C. Robert Cargill, “As They Continue to Fall” came to life with the help of many talented industry professionals including cinematographer Noah Rosenthal (“Fat Kid Rules the World”), editor Tommy Aagaard (“The Nice Guys”, “Avengers”), sound designer Mike Miller and visual effects artists Andy Wong and Ben Hall.

C. Robert Cargill is the writer of many films including Marvel Studios’ “Dr. Strange” and the hit horror franchise, “Sinister”. His first novel Dreams and Shadows was released in 2012. Cargill began his career as a journalist and film critic, covering the entertainment industry for prominent websites including Ain’t It Cool News, MTV and Spill.

“As They Continue to Fall” is currently being pitched as a feature.

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