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There may be a live action Zoids movie in development


Zoids was a series of toys created by Tomy back in the 1980s. They were giant robots (or “mecha”) called “Zoids”. A Zoid is essentially a large mechanical animal, with designs being based on animals such as Tigers, Lions, or various Dinosaurs. I had a couple and if memory serves you had to put them together and they could walk around if you wound them up, or maybe they were battery powered. Her, it’s a long time ago. My memory is hazy. I do remember there was a great comic for them that featured in Marvel UK’s Secret Wars. That was some of Grant Morrison’s earliest work. I wonder if I still have them somewhere?

The franchise started with a model-kit-based toy line and includes four main anime TV series (Chaotic Century, New Century, Fuzors and Genesis) as well as several video games and manga products.

It looks like there may be a live action Zoids film in development as Takara Tomy have posted a teaser image on their site. That’s all there is so it may be a new toy line or TV show, but the fact it features a human in the pic does make me think that it will be some kind of live-action thing!

I could be way off, but what do you think?

Looks like very early days, but if I find something else out I will let you know.



Source: Otakomu

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