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TIFF Review: The Fixer

the fixer

A trainee at a French news network has to make a decision that may establish his career as a journalist but at the price of his principles.

A swimming practice for youngsters introduces Radu Patru who is timing the performance of the son of his girlfriend; he is in a competition of his own to get an exclusive interview with an underage prostitute being repatriated by France.  Nothing comes easy for the French news work trainee as a series of obstacles present themselves which require the use of personal contacts and sheer will-power to overcome.

The opening storyline between the aspiring journalist and swimming protégé serves to illustrate the character arc of the protagonist.  The quest for the interview storyline shows the personality traits of Radu Patru getting tested under extreme conditions which causes him to re-evaluate his relationship with those around him.  The two storylines feed off of each other allowing for a flowing rather than jarring narrative structure.

There is no fast cutting as the cinematic proceedings move at a leisurely pace which is the result of a prominent use of long shots and pans.  The creative choice allows the viewer to feel like an observer and for the actors to have some breathing room when it comes to their performances.  The trouble is Radu Patru is not a sympathetic character which makes his career pursuit not of extreme importance for the audience and his transformation comes across abruptly rather than convincingly.


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Trevor Hogg is a freelance video editor and writer who currently resides in Canada; he can be found at LinkedIn.

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