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A Day in the Life of TIFF – Day 2: American Pastoral, Snowden

2016 Toronto International Film Festival - "Before The Flood" Premiere

The first weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival is typically the most star studded with the largest premieres happening Friday-Sunday.  Even the main press and industry screenings Friday morning were huge movies with both Nocturnal Animals and Arrival having their debuts in an Amy Adams double bill that had people buzzing.

However, the premieres started early today with Leonardo DiCaprio and director Fisher Stevens eager to show their environmental documentary Before the Flood to audiences.  The 3:15pm slot didn’t slow down photograph and autograph seekers though as King Street was flush with people who may have been heard the world over screaming as Leo stepped out of his SUV (not the most environmentally friendly ride around, but at least he was carpooling).  This was the first time DiCaprio has ever been at the Toronto International Film Festival and officials wouldn’t even confirm his presence prior to the premiere.  Let’s just say fans were appreciative of his presence.

The prime time premiere slot went to Ewan McGregor‘s directorial debut American Pastoral.  Adapted from Philip Roth’s novel, the film centres around what appears to be an idyllic American family, a successful father (McGregor), former beauty pageant mother (Jennifer Connelly) and their lovely young daughter.  However, once grown their daughter (then played by Dakota Fanning) becomes a political radical, ostracizing herself from her parents, who are desperate to find her.  The stars, as well as Uza Aduba and Molly Parker were in attendance to support the film.

On the other side of the street, Oliver Stone‘s newest film, Snowden was having its big premiere at Roy Thomson Hall.  Opening in North America September 16, the film is based on the story of Edward Snowden, an NSA employee who leaked classified documents to the press.  Probably one of the most anticipated red carpets, cast in attendance included the crowd pleasing Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, and Zachary Quinto.

Other films getting the premiere treatment included Trespass Against Us with Michael Fassbender (who has been in town since being the guest of honour at the annual TIFF Soiree kick off party on Wednesday) and A United Kingdom with David Oyelowo and Laura Carmichael (Downton Abbey) in attendance.  In an interesting take on a monster movie, Anne Hathaway was also in town with co-star Jason Sudekis (and his partner Olivia Wilde) for Colossal.

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