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What if Blade Runner was a 1940’s Film Noir? Watch the trailer here

blade runner noir

Blade Runner is already a great noir movie, but Chet Desmond put together this trailer that turns it into something from the 1940s.

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Check it out below.

I also went After the Ending of Blade Runner in a recent episode of my podcast. You can listen to it below.



  1. Beautiful. Whats nice about it is that it doesn’t even have to borrow score music from the 40s – Vangelis’ music already has that quality.

  2. Very cool!I would love to see the whole thing! But because I am kinda a nitpicking jerk, I noticed the copyright says 1907…Interesting anachronism!

    • I also pick nits. MMVII is 2007. I agree that it is a beautiful treatment, though.

  3. This is so effing awesome, great feels all around. Love the concept as a fan of film noir and the BR franchise. I’m without words ❤

  4. BRAVO!!!!!

  5. While its a really cool trailer, it doesn’t remotely feel like a trailer from the 40’s.

  6. What a great concept. This trailer is so well done it should exist. Would pay money to see this in a theater. Needs to Happen. Please Film Gods make enough interest for it TO happen.

  7. Lovely. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  8. “You’ve done a good job, sir!”

  9. amazing !

  10. Hi!, i’m Joel, from Mexico, i loved what you did with the trailer, and i want to make a note about it for my site (Moloko Magazine), is it possible that i’ll get in touch with you to give the credite the right way?, thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon

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