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Mouse Guard is getting a live action CG adaptation


It looks like David Petersen’s Mouse Guard is getting a Jungle Book style live action adaptation.

Mouse Guard is a New York Times Bestselling, Eisner & Harvey Award winning comic book series written and illustrated by David Petersen.

In the world of Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed: more than just soldiers, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one village to another. They see to their duty with fearless dedication so that they may not simply exist, but truly live.

Matt Reeves and Gary Whitta are teaming up to adapt the Eisner-winning graphic novel series, according to THR. Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Cloverfield) will produce the adaptation via his 6th & Idaho banner, along with Mouse Guard publisher Boom! Studios’ Ross Richie and Stephen Christy.

They will be using performance-capture technology as used in the Planet of the Apes films and Disney’s The Jungle Book.

It is considered one of the most successful independent comic book franchises of the last decade, with three volumes of the main series, three volumes of a spinoff series Mouse Guard: Legend of the Guard and a Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game published. A new series titled Mouse Guard: The Weasel Wars is expected to launch next year.


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