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Review: The Secret Life of Pets – “Full to bursting with colourful characters”


Set against a bigger, brighter animated version of New York, The Secret Life of Pets follows the daily lives of the city’s domestic pets once their owners have left for the day. A cat with a penchant for human food, a predatory falcon with a heart of gold, a melodramatic dog who enjoys a good daytime TV drama… this film is full to bursting with colourful characters who reminded me why we love animated films so much.

The story focuses on one particular city canine, Max (Louis C.K.), who – to his horror – unexpectedly becomes a brother when his human mum brings home another dog from the pound. Suffice to say, they don’t take a liking to each other and immediately set to work to try and oust one another. Within a day, the two get themselves helplessly lost in the city and wound up in a whole heap of trouble. This is an animal adventure story kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. And yes, that includes kids in their twenties (and beyond) who never stop loving this kind of film.

For me, the film’s funniest moments came in the form of an adorable fluffy bunny, Snowball (Kevin Hart) who hilariously is the leader of an underground rebel group of forgotten pets who plot to overthrow the human race. “Liberate forever! Domesticate never!” This is just one of the quirky road bumps Max and his new brother encounter all while just trying to get back home.

Having been eagerly anticipating this film since seeing the trailer several months ago, I had high hopes. While it’s certainly not the next Finding Nemo, The Secret Life of Pets is a fun watch, and a great way to escape for a couple of carefree hours. Sure to leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings for our loyal animal friends.


The Secret Life of Pets is out in the UK on 24th June 2016. It hits the US on 8th July 2016.


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