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Check out My Film Club

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This looks like it could be quite a handy app for those of us who enjoy movies.

Here is some of the official blurb:

MyFilmClub makes it even easier to enjoy the big screen. It finds your nearest cinema, shows film times and helps you organise when works best for you and your mates. Want more?

MyFilmClub brings you the latest film news, trailers, VOD and DVD releases, as well as news of film festivals and special events in your area. In fact the only thing it doesn’t do is buy the popcorn and ‘sssh!!’ the chatty bloke in the row behind. That’s up to you.

It also looks like it is aiming at building social connections in the real world as if none of your friends fancy going to see a particular film you can post a message and meet up with other film fans locally.

Head on over to the official site to sign up for details on when it launches.


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