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Watch Freddy Krueger’s origin in this great fan edit


This is an excellent piece of editing by Leo of Playa TV, and not Papă-Lapte William as I had originally mentioned..

He has used all the footage from the various films that deal with Freddy Krueger’s past and how he became the dream demon we all know and love. He also used footage from the TV show, Freddy’s Nightmares and the episode called No More Mr. Nice Guy that was directed by Tobe Hooper.

Thanks to the always mighty John Squires over at Bloody Disgusting for sharing.



  1. Hi Phil I’m the person who edited this fan edit. I don’t know who Papā is but he has ripped a low res version from my youtube page & uploaded it as if it was his creation. I made this fan edit in 2013. The logo at the beginning is for my company “Leo Playa Productions” & both the high res version and a podcast on the making of this video can be found on my youtube channel “Playa TV” 🙂

    • Hi Leo. Good to hear from you and excellent work on the edit. Sorry, about posting that one. I have now swapped it over for you.

      Many thanks for getting in touch.

      • That’s cool thank you for the kind words & for sharing my videos, I’m very humbled 🙂

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