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POLL: Who should play the next James Bond?

james bond

It is looking more and more likely that Daniel Craig will not be returning to the role of James Bond.

Many names have been mentioned as to who should be the next Bond. Most recently, Gillian Anderson and Jamie Bell’s names have been thrown in to the hat.

With that in mind, I have put together little poll with some people who could be the next Bond.

Pick your favourite choice for Bond below (remember it is just a bit of fun).

For those just joining us, Billy Zane is in most of the Live for Films polls as he is a cool dude!



  1. She is the best for Bond

  2. Clive Owen

  3. I reckon Ms. Anderson would rock it!

  4. Tom for sure!But if must be a woman Angelina Jolie is the perfect action hero woman!!

  5. HODOR!

  6. Jacob Phelps, the guy who plays Tom Keen in the Blacklist should be the new James Bond.

  7. Fassbender is BA, Idris Elba is HOT, has anyone considered Matthias Schoenaerts? HOT…BA!!!

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