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Which James Bond Prospect would be the best Blackjack Player?


All signs are pointing to Daniel Craig hanging up his tuxedo for the final time, as speculation continues to mount about his successor as the legendary 007. Craig made the role his own over the last decade, giving the suave assassin a sense of grit and determination that gave James Bond more than just cheesy punchlines. Whoever takes on the mantle of Bond will have their work cut out for them, as they have to follow Craig and prove that they are worthy to step into the shoes of one of the biggest action heroes of all time. We all know that Bond loves the ladies, but he’s also been known to visit a casino in his time. The next man to hold the license to kill will have to know his way around a table, so we’re looking into the potential actors and seeing which one would fit the role the best.

Idris Elba


Elba’s name has come up since the next James Bond was first discussed years ago, and he would love to get the chance to continue portraying 007 as an action man. In his role as a talented yet troubled detective in Luther, he showed everyone that he can be both charming and play a character that has more than a few demons to struggle with. He will also be seen in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. We’re guessing that Elba wouldn’t need a guide to blackjack card values, but his temper might get the better of him if he loses against the house too many times.

Damian Lewis

damian lewis

Lewis is one of the older candidates with his name in the running, but at 45 he can still kick ass unlike most others. He became a star after his role in the fantastic Homeland series, where the audience just wasn’t sure whether they should love him or despise him, but in the end we could all sympathise with his situation. Lewis showed that he can hide his emotions like few others and you know that would come in handy on the blackjack table when the games start to get a little heated.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Probably the ladies choice for the title of next 007, Hardy has the most impressive acting resume on this list. He’s played starring roles in hit films such as Legend, The Revenant and Mad Max, which means he would probably take the title of James Bond in his stride. Hardy often plays the villain in his films, and we think he would be ideal for taking that experience to the blackjack table and cleaning house while everyone watches.

Jason Statham

jason statham

An outsider’s bet, maybe, but Statham has more than proved his toughness over the years. Playing a series of different “hard men”, Statham has the presence and the physique to scare his enemies into submission. Asked whether he’d like to play Bond in the future the actor famously replied, “Abso-fucking-lutely”, and who are we to deny him? Statham would kill it at the blackjack table just by staring into the dealer’s eyes and forcing him to hand him favourable cards.

Tom Hiddleston


Tom Hiddleston appears to be the current favourite for the role of 007. His turn in The Night Manager for BBC shot him past the rest. His effortless charm, as well as ability to turn it on its head has led to him doing wonders as Loki for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Betting has also been stopped for Tom due to there being a huge run on people putting money on him for the next Bond. When it came down to blackjack, Tom would simply smile and charm the socks off the dealer.

Who would you like to see as the next James Bond?


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