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Alternative Easter: Top 5 Egg based films to watch this holiday

Want to have fun this Easter but too old for an egg hunt? There are a number of options – watch a bit of TV, go out for a meal, have a bet on the horses, play video games, stuff your self with chocolate. Why not watch a film instead and we have even done the hunting for you.

The internet is awash with ‘top 10 movie Easter eggs’ lists, but won’t somebody think of the eggs themselves! Rather than poach that idea let’s look at films where the humble egg is at the centre of the premise that you should watch this Easter holiday.

So let’s crack on.

Jurassic Park

You can’t make a Jurassic omelette without breaking a few eggs.

You can’t make a Jurassic omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Key Scene: The southern tones of Mr. DNA can explain the science of re-creating dinosaurs from millions of years ago but not the wonder of seeing it for real and our intrepid scientists, brought to the endorse the park, move into the lab to see it up close. While Dr Malcolm questions Dr Wu about the finer points of dinosaur sexes, the others watch as one egg slowly hatches revealing a baby Velociraptor, aww. However, it’s clear later in the film that the lab isn’t the only place that dino eggs are being made.

The Eggs: Dinosaur eggs are the size of Emu or Ostrich eggs so quite substantial. No organic here though I’m afraid, these are all genetically engineered lab created eggs. In fact there are no wild eggs at all, as all the dinosaurs are female. No wait! ‘Life finds a way’, damn that amphibian DNA. So now we can introduce the free range dinosaur egg, so you can at least still have that exciting ethical decision at point of purchase.



Key Scene: Ripley’s having a pretty bad day, she is in the belly of the beast, the alien hive, to save the only survivor from an xenomorph catastrophy , a child called Newt. After rescuing newt from the seemingly inevitable death she races to the exit only to stumble across the alien equivalent of the supermarket egg aisle. She is in the egg chamber with an Alien Queen happily laying some fresh ones. Ripley reacts, frying the eggs with the flamethrower with the queen watching. In sheer rage the monster takes chase for revenge.

The Eggs: These are quite substantially sized and if you find the right spot there are loads of them. However, these are the type of eggs that have the capability to eat you before you eat them, but to be honest you probably wouldn’t want to try them knowing where they came from. It’s not the Easter bunny that brings these eggs but a mega alien queen that can only be defeated by a strong female heroine, some heavy loading equipment and an airlock. If the egg opens, run.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

willy wonka egg

Key Scene: After seeing some giant geese laying golden eggs Veruca Salt demands her father get her one, even unsuccessfully trying to barter with Willy Wonka. In fact Veruca is such a fan of oology that she bursts into song, running around ruining all the poor Oompa Loompa’s stuff. Whilst prancing around musically professing her shopping list of demands like she’s the captor in a hostage situation from an episode of Glee, she happens to stand on one of the scales. Deemed a bad egg she is quickly dispatched to the furnace.

The Egg: Well the eggs are golden for one so clearly inedible but probably worth taking down your local ‘cash 4 gold’ and seeing how much you can get for it. It does raise questions about how the goose can excrete a precious metal and what those Oompa loompas must be feeding it but despite that it’s a good egg. We know this because the scales must be calibrated right because that horrible girl Veruca meets her undoing as she is registered as a bad egg and dumped.

Cool Hand Luke

Paul Newman realises that when he said he could eat 50 eggs no one knew he was yolking!

Paul Newman realises that when he said he could eat 50 eggs no one knew he was yolking!

Key Scene: A war veteran is sent to prison and to get the respect of the other prisoners he makes an off the cuff bet that he can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in one hour, despite being told its practically impossible. It’s a long and difficult challenge but he successfully manages it.

The Eggs: Well these are real eggs from a real chicken, hard boiled, not so extraordinary but eating 50 is. As a character says in the film “Nobody can eat 50 eggs” but the internet is awash with articles and videos proving you can actually do it. It must be difficult but Paul Newman chows down and ends victorious. This is what Easter is about! Feel free to give it a try for yourself this holiday break.


Arnold Schwarzenegger gets a kick out of being pregnant.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets a kick out of being pregnant.

Key scene: Well this is more conceptual than a direct scene. Arnie’s character has invented a new a drug that lowers the chances of an embryo being rejected in pregnancy. When he is told that to prove the study his research doesn’t have to be gender specific he takes a bold decision to have the egg put into him to prove his theory works!

The Egg: A different type of egg this time, the wonderful miracle of the human ovum. Specifically from the cryogenics locker of Emma Thompson. Inserting the egg into Arnie is quite a risk but it takes a brave (and possibly stupid) scientist to test their research on themselves. The end result is an little baby! Aww isn’t it cute.

Are there any egg related films I have missed? Feel free to comment below.

Have a Great Easter everyone!


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