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Review: Eddie the Eagle – “Packed full of heart and humour”


Those of us not around in the Eighties (or those of us too young to be watching the Winter Olympics on TV at least) may not be too familiar with Eddie the Eagle. But many Brits do remember him and might be a little surprised by the fact that a film has been made about his life and short-lived Olympic career.

Starring Taron Egerton as Eddie, and with support from Hugh Jackman as his reluctant coach, this film somehow manages to be far more entertaining than perhaps you might expect. After all, Eddie is not exactly one of Britain’s biggest sporting heroes – yet that doesn’t mean his story isn’t still worth telling.

The portrayal of Eddie could so easily have descended into farce and mocking but there is evidently genuine affection from all involved. The story is incredibly sweet, as funny as it is touching, and directorDexter Fletcher makes sure that what audiences get is a tale of someone who is determined to do his very best and show the world what he’s made of. It’s about achieving your own goals, your own personal bests, irrespective of how that compares against those around you. It’s a story of resilience and determination, of not giving up, even when everyone tells you you can’t do something.

The film of Eddie the Eagle is focused more on what it can make you feel and less in the accuracy of Eddie’s story, but that doesn’t lessen the quality of it. This is no documentary and doesn’t pretend to be. If anything, it should send viewers off on further investigation into Eddie’s life so far and just what happened during those Winter Olympics in 1988.

Eddie the Eagle is a warm and fuzzy film, entirely endearing and with a great eighties soundtrack and visual feel. It’s packed full of heart and humour and is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and the urge to crack out some eighties classics on the Walkman you wish you still had in your possession. Joyous!


Eddie the Eagle is officially released in cinemas April 1 with previews from March 28.


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