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And you thought Choose Your Own Adventure was dead? – It’s on YouTube!

Growing up in an era of various Choose Your Own Adventure Books (though I was probably technically a wee bit too old for them) and reading many of my younger brother’s books, I remember loving the idea of making the story my own.

Granted, the authors had already done that, with the limited possibilities they gave you, but it was always fun to try to outsmart the plot, including cheating sometimes.

Those who grew up reading those books may have become better at thinking their way out of tricky situations (I have no scientific proof of this, I just choose to believe it) after all; hundreds of Indiana Jones’as it were…?

So imagine my pleasant surprise when a friend in Atlanta posted a link to another video by this chap, and I watched it, then clicked on one that really caught my attention: HAIRCUT (a choose-your-own-adventure song)

Haircut 1

A simply animated tale, told in song about how you’re a grease-ball who needs a haircut (with the first part of the song done in under a minute) and  this leads you, of course, to options 1 & 2 — do you get it cut, or let it grow like a hippie?

Depending how you chose, going to the hospital after the scissors get stuck in your head by the clumsy barber, or trying to pull them out yourself and triggering latent psychokinesis abilities… it’s all up to you by clicking your options in the window.

What a charming use of a childhood book series’ platform to make a silly song in this internet age.

haircut 3

Now, what will YOU do when given the choices and the POWER?  Go check it out for yourself and see what else Neil has done.


Big thanks to @Spinaret for the original linkage, and to @neilyourself for making them in the first place and you can reach me on the tweety if you so wish @MediaTsarina.

I got my hair cut, and blew up the world. Sorry, everyone!haircut 4


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