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Adam Truscott Thinks Man Of Steel > Dark Knight Rises (And It Ain’t Even Close)


The One Where I Risk Fanboy (And Twitter) Wrath By Saying What You’re All Thinking Deep Deep Down… Man Of Steel Is Better Than Dark Knight Rises. Fact.

Ooh, it’s all kicking off. IMDb it. Google it. Man Of Steel has confused the masses. People are getting shot down for suggesting it may be a suitable alternative to Nolan’s super serious gruff Bat-verse. Phil’s lack of faith in recent Christopher Nolan films again rears it’s head. (Standard). Rabid fans circle with intent, with their brains seemingly brain washed. They wait with intent. Lurking.

Hear me now. Dark Knight Rises is a crushing disappointment. The more you think about it, the more disappointing it is. Bruce Wayne shaving in time for the finale is one of the biggest flaws in cinema history. Him getting back to Gotham undetected starts to become offensive. That look Bale gives to camera at the end? It’s apologetic.

Along with people’s apparent fixation with Anchor Man, DKR is quickly becoming the comic book equivalent. Don’t get me wrong, I love Anchor Man. But have you ever been on twitter when it’s on TV? It’s a thing of morbid curiosity. People who have never mentioned it, never quoted it, suddenly become an expert.

I predict a future where DKR is on, and everyone on twitter tunes it. It will be a horrific sight.

“How did Batman have time to graffiti a giant bat emblem on a bridge”, someone will tweet. They’ll only have 300 followers so be shot down by an Exocet missile (technical speak for a cyber bully). Boom. Down, they’ll go.

“Who is this idiot? How dare he question Sire Nolan? Douche. RT we want him dead.”

And he’ll be gone. Think about it. That’s a scary proposition. And all the while it’s happening Talledega Nights gathers dust on the shelf. Along with Superman Returns. Shunned as audiences didn’t understand that Superman could have a grounding in a realistic setting.

“BUT THERE’S NO ACTION!”, they’ll scream/tweet.

“He just lifted a fucking planet, you muppets”, I’ll reply.

But it will mean nothing. Much like Watchmans masterful Directors Cut, it will be shunned. There’s no room at the Inn. No love, here.

In the words of Homer Simpson, I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen. And I can’t let that happen.

So I’m here to address anyone that doesn’t recognise, instantly, that Man Of Steel is superior to Nolan’s Batman closer. In fact, I’ll go further. There are elements here that are better than his middle entry, too.

Go back and watch it. Be critical of the editing. Of the non-ending. Tell me it’s a flawless film.

But you won’t. You won’t be able too. You’ll realise your sins and, like me, petition for a Director’s Cut of MOS. A Cut that extends the church scene, where we’re tantalizingly close to a “Who is God” conversation. Maybe even a debate on the merits of Supes saving us. Do we deserve it? I’m sure it was shot. It was one of the few times the editing seemed off. The rest was relentless. It’s such an efficient film.

Same old sic-fi clap-trap, sure… Only Michael Shannon could deliver a line that says something like; “Send the space ship thing down to Earth and do the gravity thing to destroy everything… Hopefully not us”. But he does. And he nails it because everyone is playing this straight – whilst simultaneously knowing how stupid it all is.

It’s nothing more than a super hero film. It’s people flying through buildings like the Matrix never happened. That body toll? Wow.

But it’s done so well.

The Krypton section is sensational film making – and one of the few occasions where the 3D is warranted.

Crowe, almost desperate to earn my forgiveness for Les Mes, nails it. If you don’t punch the air when he gets his armour on. Well, walk out. It’s a heroic moment, in a film full of them. Just a single glance off camera sells it. Much like his stand-off with Zod where his eyes wander. There’s far more going on here between dialogue delivery than anything Marvel have contributed.

I’ve seen it three times already, (I’ve got a five-year old, so I was never not going to get wrapped up in this). On each occasion I’ve got emotional. All at different scenes. Be it Costner’s (brilliant here), delivery of the films most important lines. “Maybe”, when his confused Son asks if he should’ve just let his school friends die. But more than that, “You are my Son”. I’m not crying. It’s raining on my face. That’s a brilliant line – and credit to Snyder for keeping it in there. This isn’t a film that has fudged great, great lines from the trailer (I’m looking at you, Wheddon). Everything that was promised in those brilliant, Mallick-like trailers is delivered upon.

And that shouldn’t be a surprise. Snyder is a Director who has his own vision. Nolan has tweaked it a little. But people seem to be forgetting Watchmen. Snyder nailed that so hard, it’s quickly becoming the most underrated super hero movie of them all. Seek it out again. All of the signs that Snyder could deliver Bay-hem style carnage are there.

And what carnage.

Ethan (5 y/o), and I watch Superman all of the time. All of them. But we’ve never seen anything like we get in the finale here. And that’s where Phil is spot on. Spot on. People bemoaning this film wanted something different to Donner’s version. And are then complaining it’s different to Donner’s version. Who’d want to be Snyder on a bed of money, eh? And they’re wrong, anyway. It’s very Donner. The nods are clear. One scene at the end has Cavill (brilliant. Just right), look the spitting image of Reeve. Can’t be accidental. I think they even CGI’d his face.

And while we’re playing the D0nner card, don’t forget his best Superman film, the Directors Cut of Superman II was widely ignored anyway.

The accusation of it having no humour is peverse, too. Who said we wanted that? I didn’t, and don’t. And I think the humour is spot on, anyway. Red alert on the toner cartridge, an everyday disaster. Or Clark walking away from a bully, with a look that sums up his whole “I wish humans were worth saving” dilemma. And then we get the punch line. A brilliant fuck you to the bullies that have haunted him since he clutched a metal pole knowing if he hit back, he’d be hitting his bully into the next State. It’s excellent – and a clear win for the flashback structure. A structure the trailers hinted at, but I never thought they’d be confident enough to see through. Bravo, Zack.

So that’s my rant. Don’t want something different then complain when you get something different. Don’t be a sheep and follow the masses – on twitter, or elsewhere. Give this film a chance. Apart from Deano (!), who doesn’t want Supes and Batman teaming up? I know I do. If Man Of Steel has taught me anything it’s that Marvel’s characters can’t hold a torch to those two.

And if I have to keep getting emails from Tarantino about Superman Returns being an underrated masterpiece, how is he ever going to get Leo an Oscar?

This is one of my favorite Father/Son movies. So why not make the most of Father’s Day if you’re lucky enough to be in a position, too? Or you could just update Facebook.

“I’m glad to be here, Lois”. So am I. So. Am. I.


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