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Adam Truscott Says Star Trek Into Darkness Is Instantly Iconic

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The One Where I Call JJ A Magnificent Bastard

Oh, JJ. You magnificent bastard. Star Trek: Into Darkness is a wonderful film. Huge in scope, with plenty of character building too. I just loved it.

Now, I know you’ll have read that a lot recently, so (as ever), I’ll try to find a point of difference.

And for me, it’s that I’m watching this sort of film lately through my five-year olds eyes. I finish work, go and see the latest 12A release, and “vet it” for him. So, when there’s two or three scenes of people beating each other senseless in this, I started to get really nervous. There’s a fair bit of brutality in this film. But, as ever, JJ is smart. He wraps it all up so its off-screen. Or covered by gorgeous lens flare.
And that’s great for me. Because tonight, after school, Ethan gets to see a space ship stall and spiral towards a planet. With genuine tension, as due to a deceptively clever trailer, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

Remember how two weeks ago you punched the air when Tony called in his boys for air support? Into Darkness has several moments like that. Several. It’s a good time to be a film buff. They’re coming thick and fast. And better than that, they’re living up to the promise. Crucial to that is we’re getting “baddies” that are living up to the hype. Much like The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, this is going to become an iconic role for Cumberbatch. Not a fan before, I’m eagerly waiting for his next move. I’m sure he’s good in anything he’s in, in fact. He’s so intense here. And when it kicks off, he has physical presence, too. Just great.

I was a bit older than five when my Dad took me to Aldershot cinema to see The Final Frontier. Christ, I remember it like yesterday. A bit of Operation Wolf in the arcade, and then on to what, in hindsight, was a bit of a dive. But even in that Star Trek, I was transported. The idea of exploring space is something JJ has really brought home to this franchise. It’s a great concept – and delivers in spades in the thrilling opening section. I can’t wait to see Ethan’s face when he sees the volcano. Pure kids fantasy. Realised with incredible CGI. The 3D really teased me here, too. I thought, just for a second, it may capture the level of 3D I am accustomed to at Home. It never really lives up to the opening tracking shots, but I’d still rather have it than not. We’ll see it in 2D, tonight. I’d imagine Dom will be right and the vivid colours will be even brighter. I dread to think how bright the lens flare will be, mind.

Ethan was a babe when the first JJ Star Trek came out. The opening scene where Hemsworth saves a young Kirk got me genuinely emotional – and I’ll confess, there’s a moment here that’s such a perfect tribute to the series I got choked, too. The 3D glasses shielding a single tear as I just became a bit wrapped up in it all.

People will inevitably turn to what JJ will bring to Star Wars, but can’t we just enjoy this for a sec? I can certainly picture JJ coming back for part four if it all goes south with out him – ala Singer. I certainly hope so.

The thought of a world without another JJ ST (Jesus) movie makes me genuinely sad.

So what else is there? The score is fab. The visual effects, as mentioned, are sensational.

But for me its the vein of humour that runs through it. Pegg is excellent. Karl Urban (3 of the best sci-fi movies in the last 10 years now, I doff my cap, Sir), is fantastic. The Top Gun style set up between Kirk and Bruce Greenwood is fantastic. The references to JJ’s first outing are all on point. It’s starting to feel like a genuine film series.

I think I’m in love.

And dizzy. Dizzy like a space ship that’s stalled and is falling helplessly towards an unsuspecting planet.

Genuinely brilliant.

I fell like I could ramble on about my love for what JJ has done here forever. I’ll save you. You’re going to see it anyway aren’t you – so what’s the point?

Come back and talk spoilers when you have seen it though, yes?

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I found it very…. hard not to lead with this pic, btw. The only character I didn’t get in the film ironically….


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