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Cool Supercut: Every Ray Harryhausen animated creature in 4 minutes


Okay it is actually four and a half minutes but this amazing compilation features every Ray Harryhausen animated creature in feature films, presented in chronological order.

Which Harryhausen creature is your favourite?

Fantastic work by Mat Bergman.

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  1. Fun, but the WORST music I’ve ever heard. You should have asked me to help you out, as I recorded music from a half-dozen of Ray’s films. I had to turn the volume off here because, while your presentation was a lot of fun, what a headache that awful percussion gave me!

    • Hi. You would have to speak to Mat Bergman about that as he was the one who put the video together.

    • moan moan moan

    • I thought the music was good. It definitely went along with the gritty, primordial nature of Harryhausen’s creatures.

    • I agree totally about the music if that’s what you want to call it.Should have been METAL.

    • Idiot. Best music pairing possible.

    • LOL. Was just thinking how it’s the percussion made this video.

  2. I would urge anyone to watch this at 1.25 speed, because it cuts out the jitter. apparently Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion was too good, the increments too small, so we notice the jitter. If you play it back faster, the brain compensates and there shouldn’t be any noticebale skipping. He was that good!

    • I just did and after watching it before your comment I can see what you mean! Awesome!

    • Wow, you are totally right. The slight increase in speed really improves viewing.

  3. I love it. I like Talus – especially the moment when he turns his head – Medusa and the big crab from Mysterious Island. Harryhausen tells us in ‘Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan’ he bought that crab from Harrods.

  4. Certainly REMINDS me of Ray’s great work, but I’m used to seeing it in big sharp clear 35mm film, not grainy YouTube from duped VHS. When you get a chance, drop what you’re doing and see any (or all) of his wonderful films sharp and clear, as they were meant to be seen, that is a world of difference.

    As for the obtrusive Conga drumming, really just turn it OFF. It is definitely annoying, (although not the worst I’ve heard – but still not good), but when it’s OFF it’s not disrespectful to the incredible amount of work stop-motion animation represents, and certainly not to the Master himself, Ray Harryhausen.

    Sam Longoria

    Visual Effects Engineer
    Hollywood CA USA

  5. Were these taken from VHS copies?
    I know Ray’s work was seemingly retro compared to soulless CG cr creations but his work has been on DVD for 20 years, remastered, widescreen and sharper than most of these clips.
    And why drums instead of Bernard Herrmann?

    • You would have to speak to Mat Bergman about that as he was the one who put the video together back in 2006. Link in the post above.

  6. Fabulous compilation, thanks! Shame about the faulty plumbing noise that passes for music 🙁

  7. Favorite is the skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts. also Medusa is scary.

  8. “Which Harryhausen creature is your favourite?” The elephant but had to turn off the horrible drum music. shudder, didn’t fit the scenes at all.

  9. It’s called Percussion. I loved it.

  10. Percussion was wild! Just like the monsters. Liked it too.

  11. Saw most of this Creatures at MOMI’s in London in 1990, when they held a Harryhausen Exhibition.
    Actually the lesser the sharpness the better the Optical Effects work. On bluray its to much sharpened wich reveals the matte plates and optical Tricks. Also there are some Clips of his Work where Motion Blur is added. This really makes it perfect!

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