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Namor: The Sub-Mariner Trailer – Starring Dwayne Johnson, Bill Murray and Chris Evans


This is a cracking fan made trailer for Marvels first mutant, Namor. Bill Murray as his father is just brilliant. Great work by EditNinja.

During his last voyage, sea captain Leonard McKenzie meets a princess from an underwater blue-skinned race of humans called Atlanteans. The pair enjoy a brief affair which spawns the Marvel Universe’s ‘First Mutant’, Namor.

After decades underwater, an ageless Namor resurfaces to New York to find the source of unnatural seismic anomalies disturbing his kingdom. Seduced by government agencies, including S.H.I.E.L.D, Namor encounters hostility and friendship from humans and Atlanteans.

Dwayne Johnson – Namor McKenzie
Bill Murray – Leonard McKenzie (Namor’s father and American ship captain)
Anjelica Huston – Princess Fen (Namor’s native Atlantean mother)
Mandy Moore – Namor’s (unnamed)love interest
Chris Evans – Steve Rogers(foe and eventual ally)
James Frain – Ghaur (Atlantean ‘deviant priest’)
Ciarán Hinds – Agent Henry Burke (befriends and betrays Namor)
Kevin McKidd – Morris Bench (Hydro-Man)
*Look for cameos from Logan, Nick Fury and Captain Steve Rogers.


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