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First look at Duncan Jones’ futuristic Berlin in Mute


Duncan Jones knocked it out of the park with his amazing feature debut, Moon. Both he and Sam Rockwell should be nominated for many awards for that one.

One of Duncan’s next films is called Mute and has a Blade Runnerish vibe to it as can be seen in this lovely piece of concept art (from Liberty Films website).

It is set in Berlin and shooting starts there next year.

Speaking to io9 a while back Duncan Jones had this to say about the project.

The only reason that I mention Blade Runner is because there’s something about that particular film, where they really created a believable and realistic living breathing futuristic world. For all of the other films that have tried to do that I don’t think anything has come as close the way Blade Runner has to creating something believable. Something that feels real and organic. It’s like going to a real city and shooting a film there. You just get a sense that this place exists. [In] most of the science fiction films, it always feels a bit fake and a bit flat, but Blade Runner really didn’t. That’s the aspect of Blade Runner I’m hoping to capture. If and when I get the chance to do my film that I’m making.


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