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The Whip – Watch the trailer for the new Parliament Heist movie

Workbus has unveiled the trailer for its upcoming feature film The Whip, a heist thriller set at the very heart of British politics from director and co-writer Christopher Presswell.

With the looming threat of devastating welfare reforms known as Independence Credit, a full-time carer plots a sensational heist from the Houses of Parliament in a bid to halt the scheme in its tracks, and bring the government crashing down with it.

Set against the backdrop of a flailing British government on the verge of losing power, full time carer Sadie (Shian Denovan) and her sister Emily (Meg Fozzard) face destitution if Independence Credit becomes law.

Forging an unlikely alliance with disgraced cabinet minister Michael Harrington (Tom Knight), she devises a plot to steal a salacious “dirt book,” kept by the ruthless government Chief Whip Damian Wilson (Ray Bullock Jnr.), in a bid to leak its contents to the press and unleash a wave of Westminster scandal.

With the help of Sadie’s university friend, former activist Abi (Gala Wesson) and her nephew Jason (Daniel Davids), Sadie and Harrington embark on an audacious plan; to bring down the government, and stop Independence Credit in its tracks.

Channelling the spirit of classic Ealing comedies, this entertaining caper with a social conscience couldn’t be any more timely.

The film stars Shian Denovan (Sadie Baxter), Gala Wesson (Abi Munroe), Tom Knight (Michael Harrington), Daniel Davids (Jason Grant), and Ray Bullock Jnr. (Damian Wilson).

“The Whip” will debut in select UK cinemas from September 4th 2024, ahead of a global VOD release later this year.

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