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You’re going to need a bigger shelf! Check out the LEGO Jaws set.

Today the LEGO Group unveils the LEGO Ideas JAWS set, a brick-built diorama commemorating the infamous 1975 blockbuster movie “JAWS,” from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. To celebrate the launch, the LEGO Group, in partnership with Universal Products & Experiences, has created the first ever summer “brick-buster” mini-film, “JAWS…in a Jiffy,” a playful recreation of this iconic summer blockbuster movie – told in just 90-secs. The film features all the favorite scenes, plus a surprise minifigure reveal at the end, featuring award-winning director Stephen Spielberg behind the clapperboard. Fans can watch the film below.

The LEGO Ideas JAWS set is a meticulously designed recreation of one of the most famous scenes from the movie, allowing fans to relive the suspense and excitement of Spielberg’s masterpiece in brick form. Originally conceived by LEGO fan Johnny Campbell, via the LEGO Ideas community platform, the 1497-piece set captures key elements and characters from the film in LEGO minifigure form – including Police Chief Martin Brody, marine biologist Matt Hooper and sailor Quint.

The set also features the iconic Orca boat, with a detailed cabin with a removable roof, an adjustable boom and rigging, plus lots of recognisable accessories, such as a revolver, compass, fishing rod, harpoon, spear, and the yellow barrels that were pivotal to the movie plot.

The set can either be placed on a brick-built seawater base with the JAWS LEGO shark model attacking the Orca boat. Also attached is a printed tile with Chief Brody’s famous line (“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”) to the base to complete this nostalgic and playful centerpiece. Alternatively, the Shark can be displayed separately from the boat, on its own stand.

Speaking about how he approached the design for the set, fan designer Johnny Campbell, reveals: “JAWS is my favourite movie of all-time, so I really wanted to recreate it in LEGO bricks. LEGO building has always been a part of my life in some shape or form but in order to get all of the finer details, I actually freeze-framed JAWS as I watched it so that I could catch a glimpse of the finer details taking notes as I went along. It is just mind-blowing that my design is now an official LEGO set. I can’t wait to stand in a LEGO shop looking at the shelves and seeing a set that I have been involved with and watching someone buying it. It’s every LEGO fan’s dream!”

The LEGO® Idea JAWS set is available for LEGO Insiders from 3rd August 2024 and for all from 6th August 2024 priced at €149.99 / 129.99 GBP/ $149.99/249.99 AUD/1399 CNY/199.99 CAD/3999 MXN.


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