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All Happy Families is due out later this year

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group, has acquired North American theatrical, VOD, and DVD rights to the dramatic comedy feature ALL HAPPY FAMILIES – which premiered at both the 59th Chicago International Film Festival and at Mill Valley Film Festival last October. ALL HAPPY FAMILIES had its Southern California premiere at the 27th Annual Dances With Films: L.A. independent film festival. Freestyle Digital Media is planning a fall 2024 limited theatrical and VOD release.

ALL HAPPY FAMILIES tells the story of the Landrys, who are not the stereotypical midwestern family. A charming dramedy that stars HUNTERS and FLEISHMAN IS IN TROUBLE’s Josh Radnor (‘Graham’), as an actor and writer in a slump and still waiting for his big break, while his hugely successful brother Will (played by Rob Huebel) stars in his own television series. On the weekend before new tenant Dana (portrayed by Chandra Russell) is due to move into their childhood home, the siblings and their parents find themselves unexpectedly under the same roof again, where every corner reveals secrets and surprises, and the family airs out long-held resentments. ALL HAPPY FAMILIES features a terrific ensemble cast, including the pitch-perfect Becky Ann Baker (‘Sue’) as the matriarch who’s tired of having to hold everything together, and her husband portrayed by John Ashton (‘Roy’). ALL HAPPY FAMILIES delicately weaves a deeply relatable portrait of family dysfunction, with all the delightfully entertaining mess coming to the surface over the course of one eventful and unforgettable weekend.

Directed by Haroula Rose, ALL HAPPY FAMILIES was co-written by Haroula Rose & Coburn Goss, and produced by Liz Cardenas, Coburn Goss, Ian Keiser, Haroula Rose, and Mary Muñez. Michael Shannon served as Executive Producer. The ensemble cast features Josh Radnor (Graham’), Becky Ann Baker (‘Sue’), Rob Huebel (‘Will’), Chandra Russell (‘Dana’), John Ashton (‘Roy’), Colleen Camp (‘Lila’), David Pasquesi (‘Jerry’), Rodney Crowell (‘Dino’), and Ivy O’Brien (‘Evie’).

“ALL HAPPY FAMILIES tells an amazing and humorous slice-of-life story about family dysfunction in Chicago,” said Bill Vergos, Head of Digital Film Distribution for Freestyle Digital Media. “We at Freestyle Digital Media are excited to distribute a movie with such a stellar cast as we bring it to theatrical audiences this fall.”

“It’s been an incredible experience to hear so much laughter and genuine emotional response in the theaters at festival screenings of ALL HAPPY FAMILIES,” said filmmaker Haroula Rose. “We are profoundly excited to be partnering with Freestyle Digital Media to bring this to collective audiences in the fall, before going wide to streaming. It is a non-traditional movie about coming of age at any age, which I hope resonates with all viewers.”

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire ALL HAPPY FAMILIES with the filmmakers and sales agent Tiffany Boyle of Ramo Law PC.

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