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The Hyperborean – Watch the trailer for the new sci-fi alien horror movie

Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group, has acquired U.S. VOD rights to the strangely bizarre sci-fi alien horror movie The Hyperborean, which will be available to rent/own on all U.S. digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms, as well as on DVD, starting on July 19, 2024, through Freestyle Digital Media.

From beyond the land of the ice and snow comes… THE HYPERBOREAN! When a seasoned crisis manager injects himself into a dysfunctional family, and their faltering whiskey company, he must navigate through a public relations nightmare involving a triple homicide, an Arctic ice mummy, and a batch of intergalactic moonshine.

From director Jesse Thomas Cook (CULT HERO, SEPTIC MAN) and writer Tony Burgess (PONTYPOOLl), THE HYPERBOREAN is a comedic sci-fi award-winning festival hit starring Liv Collins (THE HEXECUTIONERS) & Ry Barrett (IN A VIOLENT NATURE, THE HERETICS), with critics hailing it as a “bonkers film” that’s both “memorable and complex” (Geek Tyrant). It was nominated for a 2023 Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in SPFX & Makeup.

The film also stars Justin Bott (‘Mr. Denbok’), Tony Burgess (‘Hollis Cameron’), Jonathan Craig (‘Aldous Cameron’), Jess Vano (‘Lovie Madison’), Michael Masurkevitch (‘Ian Lamont’), Marcia Alderson (‘Ms. Ladouceur’), Steve Kasan (‘Mr. da Silva’), Justin Darmanin (‘Fontano’), and Greg Collins (‘The Hyperborean’).

“After 13 horror movies and having tackled zombies, creature features, cults, haunted houses, et cetera., one of the remaining subgenres I had yet to explore was the nearly forgotten mummy film. I was always fascinated by the disastrous 1845 Franklin Expedition, and the discovery of its preserved ice mummies,” said filmmaker Jesse Thomas Cook. “We based the creature design in THE HYPERBOREAN on one of the Franklin mummies buried at Beechey Island. This is our very Canadian ice mummy movie, and we are thrilled to be working with Freestyle on the U.S. release!”

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire THE HYPERBOREAN with Anelle Dehghani of Raven Banner.

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