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"No matter where you go, there you are."


Natalia Dyer goes on a journey of self-discovery in the Chestnut trailer

Annie (Natalia Dyer, Stranger Things) just graduated college and she’s stuck in her university town of Philly for the summer. She’s ready to start her new job in LA come fall, but something is holding her back. As she falls into an aimless summer, she finds herself entangled with Tyler (Rachel Keller, Tokyo Vice), a woman she meets at a bar one night and Danny (Danny Ramirez, Top Gun: Maverick), Tyler’s co-worker or best friend or…? Annie can never tell.

Chestnut follows Annie through a summer of self-discovery as she, Tyler, and Danny each battle for unrequited connection, ultimately helping Annie find her voice in desire and independence.

Written and directed by Jac Cron, the film stars Natalia Dyer, Rachel Keller, Danny Ramirez, Caleb Eberhardt, and Chella Man.

Chestnut Opens on June 21st at the Quad Cinema in New York, the Landmark Westwood in Los Angeles, and select US cities. Available on digital platforms on July 2nd.

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