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Horrified: World of Monsters – The new board game features Jiangshi, Cthulhu and more

For creatures that go bump in the night, Ravensburger’s newest edition to its award-winning Horrified franchise is a scream come true. Horrified: World of Monsters introduces a mysterious arcane-punk town centered around the Void, a doorway between worlds from which terrors of all ilk might erupt and over which the players watch as Earth’s premier monster experts. The cooperative game pits players against the Sphinx, Yeti, Jiangshi and Cthulhu and includes all-new rules for mixing and matching monsters with its predecessor, Horrified: Greek Monsters. Horrified: World of Monsters will be available for purchase at Target, Amazon and at specialty and hobby stores nationwide on August 1.

“In developing Horrified: World of Monsters, we hoped to continue the series’ five-year legacy of impeccable atmosphere, immersive gameplay and detailed miniatures, all while adding some extra fearsome ‘firsts’ for Horrified,” said Lysa Penrose, Head of New Games Marketing at Ravensburger. “Horrified: World of Monsters marks our first mix-and-match rules, our first multi-phase monster challenge and our first release at a new, more approachable price point.”

Horrified: World of Monsters is the fourth entry in Ravensburger’s popular Horrified franchise. In this cooperative game, each monster presents a unique challenge and can be combined differently for infinite thrills. Players must face the monsters and puzzle-like obstacles inspired by monstrous legends and lore to gather item tokens, protect citizens and avoid attacks in the game’s cooperative play, immersing the player in its detailed world.

“For World of Monsters, we really wanted to use every inch of real estate on the components to grow the Horrified universe,” said Sam Dawson, Art Director at Ravensburger. “This iteration started as ‘steampunk light’ where analog technology meets magic, but then we added the concept of the Void in the center of town. This acts as a gateway to infinite worlds and timelines. In addition to old tech, you’ll also spot Greek columns and a decaying airliner to impress on players that anything is possible.”

In fact, sleuthing fans of previous Horrified iterations will discover chilling character cameos from previous editions, including Mari from Horrified: American Monsters and The Investigator from Horrified: Universal Monsters.

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“Because the Void at the center of this world of monsters can spit out all kinds of fiends, it’s the perfect ‘base’ setting to mix and match monsters from Horrified: Greek Monsters… and dare I threaten future Horrified games to come!” adds Penrose.

Horrified: World of Monsters brings to life the riddling Sphinx, reclusive Yeti, and ravenous Jiangshi. To accurately portray Jiangshi, the hopping vampire from Chinese folklore, Ravensburger worked with Sen-Foong Lim, a cultural consultant who also co-wrote Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall.

Creating a puzzle to represent the Great Old One itself, Cthulhu, called for a game design approach equally otherworldly. This led to Horrified’s first multi-phase puzzle, with one puzzle in the realm of World of Monsters and one in Cthulhu’s realm.

Horrified: World of Monsters will be available on August 1 at Target, Amazon and at specialty and hobby stores nationwide. Horrified: World of Monsters for one to five players, ages 10 and up and will have an MSRP at a new, more approachable price point of $29.99 USD/$49.99 CAD.

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