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Life After The Goonies – The new documentary is now on Kickstarter

The Life After…. documentaries have all been great to watch and now they will be tackling The Goonies. Here is what Lisa had to say about the new project.

My name is Lisa Downs, I’m a UK filmmaker, an 80s kid and a 90s teen. My love of nostalgia and filmmaking merged into what has now become the “Life After Movies” feature documentary series.

In 2019 we released LIFE AFTER FLASH all on that very camp classic Flash Gordon. In 2020 we released LIFE AFTER THE NAVIGATOR, celebrating the legacy of Randal Kleiser’s Flight of the Navigator and this week we just released LIFE AFTER THE NEVERENDING STORY. (Scroll down to see the trailers!)

Now, having recently spoken to Sean Astin at Liverpool Comic Con, where nervously I proposed the documentary and told him I couldn’t do it without his involvement, to which he replied “why wouldn’t I do it?”…. with the 40th anniversary around the corner, it’s our time….

It’s our time….

It is now on Kickstarter and you can back it here.

Through cast, crew & fan interviews, this documentary will delve behind the scenes of the production and explore what it really took to make such a classic, as well as celebrate the incredible and enduring legacy.

LIFE AFTER THE GOONIES will also be a moving and heartfelt tribute to the legacy of Richard Donner – the unseen Goonie. To many, the most important Goonie.

The documentary will serve as a final “thank you” to the man who felt more of a Goonie than any of the kids who graced the screen.

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