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The Invisible Fight – Watch the new trailer for the Estonian heavy metal kung fu comedy

Kino Lorber has acquired from LevelK North American distribution rights to The Invisible Fight, an Estonian heavy metal kung fu comedy written and directed by Rainer Sarnet (November). The Invisible Fight made its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and will next play at Fantastic Fest and the Sitges Film Festival, followed by a theatrical, digital, and home video release via Kino Lorber in 2024.

The latest film by Estonian writer/director Rainer Sarnet, who attracted international attention with his breakout black-and-white folk horror November in 2017, The Invisible Fight is a satirical take on the martial arts film, artfully paying tribute to the genre’s Chinese wuxia roots through a Northern European story.

USSR-China border, 1973: Young soldier Rafael is on guard duty when the border falls under attack from flying Chinese kung fu warriors, leaving him as the sole survivor. Utterly fascinated by the long-haired martial artists who easily dispatched his fellow guards, all while blasting forbidden Black Sabbath music from their portable radio, Rafael is struck by a revelation: he too wants to become a kung fu warrior. Looking for mentorship but with limited options, faith leads Rafael to seek martial arts teachers at one of the unlikeliest places: the local Eastern Orthodox monastery, where the black-clad monks begin his training. With a skeptical mother, a rival monk, and a budding love interest pulling him in different directions, Rafael finds that his journey to unlock the greatest martial art of all – the almighty power of humility – is long, winding, and full of kick-ass adventures.

The deal for The Invisible Fight was negotiated by Kino Lorber Senior Vice President Wendy Lidell and Tine Klint of LevelK.

“Delightfully inventive and riotously funny, The Invisible Fight makes it clear that the joy of kung fu cinema is celebrated worldwide, even as far as Estonia. We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this wildly entertaining take on the genre to American audiences,” said Wendy Lidell, SVP of Theatrical Distribution and Acquisitions for Kino Lorber.

The Invisible Fight is a Homeless Bob production, in co-production with White Picture, Neda Film, and Helsinki-Filmi. The film is produced by Katrin Kissa, executive produced by Rain Rannu, Hiroko Oda, Mami Akari, and Yohann Comte, and co-produced by Alise Ģelze, Amanda Livanou, and Helen Vinogradov.

The Invisible Fight hits US cinemas on 23rd February 2024.

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