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A young mother is terrorised by an evil spirit in a clip from The Moogai

Sarah and Fergus, a hopeful young Aboriginal couple, give birth to their second baby. But what should be a joyous time of their lives becomes sinister when Sarah starts seeing a malevolent spirit she is convinced is trying to take her baby. Fergus, who can’t see it but desperately wants to believe her, grows increasingly worried as she becomes more unbalanced. Is the child-stealing spirit real or is she in fact the biggest threat to the safety of their family?

Written and directed by Jon Bell, the film stars Shari Sebbens, Meyne Wyatt, Tessa Rose, Clarence Ryan with Toby Leonard Moore and Bella Heathcote.

Bell expanded the screenplay from his 2021 short of the same name, and the film explores post-natal depression, transgenerational trauma and Australia’s stolen generation. But it is also a story of the value of children and the power of family.

The Moogai had its premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.

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