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Francis Ford Coppola’s One From The Heart has had a 4K restoration

STUDIOCANAL and PARK CIRCUS have announced that a brand-new 4K restoration of One From The Heart, supervised by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now), will return to UK cinemas on February 16th 2024 in a new REPRISE cut.

“I’ve always loved ‘One from the Heart,’ despite the disruption it caused in my dreams for American Zoetrope. However, there is magic in cinema and while preparing this film for 4K, it was apparent I could refine the story. This new version is an improvement in many ways and I am proud of what was achieved with ‘One from the Heart: Reprise.’”Francis Ford Coppola

ONE FROM THE HEART is a romantic comedy, a break-up story told through music and set amidst the neon glitter of Las Vegas on a Fourth of July weekend. Starring Frederic Forrest (The Conversation, Falling Down), Teri Garr (Tootsie, Close Encounters of The Third Kind), Raul Julia (Kiss of The Spider Woman, The Addams Family), Nastassja Kinski (Tess, Paris, Texas), Lainie Kazan (Beaches, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Harry Dean Stanton (Alien, The Green Man), the film boasts an iconic soundtrack by Tom Waits featuring Waits and vocalist Crystal Gayle, which was nominated for Best Soundtrack at the Oscars®, and choreography by none other than the legendary Gene Kelly.

The REPRISE cut, along with the 1982 cut, and a bumper package of brand-new and archive extras will be available to own on a special 4-disc 4K UHD, 2-disc Blu-Ray and Digital for the first time from March 4th. The film will also be released on DVD on the same day. The REPRISE cut boasts never-before-seen footage, brand-new titles taken directly from the original camera negative and over 19 minutes of footage replaced with new source scans.

Hank (Frederic Forrest) and Frannie (Teri Garr) argue while celebrating their fifth anniversary. Yearning for a life of excitement and romance, Frannie fears that she is wasting her life on a man who shows no interest in her dreams of travelling to far-off places. The argument escalates and they break up.

Heading in separate ways and taking to the streets, they both meet and spend the night with strangers. Hank with the seductive Leila (Nastassja Kinski) a runaway circus performer, and Frannie with Ray (Raul Julia), a handsome waiter who moonlights as a cocktail pianist and singer. After another show-down, Frannie says that she is leaving Hank for Ray and that they plan to escape to Bora Bora. Hank follows her to the airport in a last-ditch attempt to win her back.

ONE FROM THE HEART was the first film to be filmed entirely on the lot of Coppola’s own Zoetrope Studio in Hollywood, at the time the only such production company owned and operated by an active filmmaker. It was way ahead of its time in terms of digital innovation and heralded a rebirth of musical cinema at the dawn of the 1980s.

The film’s influence can still be seen widely in cinema today – its visual style being a recurring theme throughout the work of Baz Luhrmann, who discusses his love for the film in a new interview featured on the Home Entertainment release. Damian Chazelle’s La La Land, too, is not only a spiritual follow-up to the film but was also shot on the very same studio lot as ONE FROM THE HEART.

The restoration, supervised by Francis Ford Coppola, was made in 4K by American Zoetrope and Roundabout Entertainment in the US. The 4K scans were lifted from the original camera negative, and great efforts have been made to add thirteen minutes of original camera negative, restoring opticals and dupe negative. The restoration was approved by Francis Ford Coppola himself, as six minutes of IP were added to replace the original negative that was thought to be destroyed in a flood in Rome where the negative was kept.
“Of all the films in our library, ‘One From The Heart’ was the one I was most excited to restore. After 40 years, we can finally give the film the presentation it deserves,” says James Mockoski, Film Archivist/Restoration Supervisor for American Zoetrope.

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