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Willie and Me – Watch the trailer for the new film starring Willie Nelson, Eva Hassmann and Peter Bogdanovich

In Willie and Me, Greta Weingarten (Hassmann) is a housewife who is trapped in a stagnant marriage. One evening while serving dinner to her successful but bland husband, she hears a radio announcement about Willie Nelson’s farewell concert. Through his music, she is transported back to her disjointed childhood. Greta is suddenly overwhelmed by the need to see Willie Nelson and will do whatever it takes to be at his last concert in Las Vegas. She takes off on her journey, leaving behind the husband and comfortable life she knows. With everything against her, but so much ahead, she realizes that the return ticket becomes her heaviest piece of luggage.

The film is written and directed by Eva Hassmann, who also stars alongside Blaine Gray, Darby Stanchfield, Peter Bogdanovich, Thure Riefenstein, Carlos Leal, and Willie Nelson.

Opening in US cinemas and on VOD on 9th February 2024.

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