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Time Addicts – Watch the trailer for the darkly comic, trippy, time-travelling sci-fi film

Get ready for a warped, mind-bending and darkly funny experience from the executive producer of The Babadook.

In desperate debt to their volatile drug dealer, best friends Denise and Johnny agree to a sketchy job to pay off their last hit – breaking into a decrepit stash house to steal a bag of mysterious drugs. But whilst getting into the house may be easy, escape proves more troublesome, as the pair find themselves trapped inside with a deranged fiend.

With no way out and not one to miss an opportunity, Johnny smokes the new drug and promptly travels into the past, triggering alarming new events in the future. Separated through time, Denise is left alone to confront her past, their dealer Kane’s real identity, and her very own existence.

Starring Freya Tingley (Jersey Boys) and Charles Grounds (Crazy Rich Asians), Time Addicts is a “wild and highly original feature debut” from writer-director Sam Odlum.

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment presents Time Addicts on Digital now.

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