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Trenque Lauquen – Watch the trailer for the new film from Laura Citarella

A critical hit on the international festival circuit after premiering at Venice Film Festival, Trenque Lauquen is the beguiling, epic, genre-fluid mystery formed of two feature-length parts from Argentinian auteur Laura Citarella (Ostende).

A woman vanishes. Two men take to the road in search of her: they both love her. Why did she leave? Each one of them has his own suspicions, and hides them from the other one who – mysteriously – never truly becomes his rival. Neither is right – but is anyone?

This sudden run away becomes the hidden core of a number of fictions that the film delicately weaves together: the secret of the heart of another woman, lost as well, many years ago; the secret of the life of a village in the countryside, governed by a supernatural incident that nobody seems to perceive; the secret of the plains, which never ceases to spread and devour everything, like the shadows that invade the world after the twilight hour.

Trenque Lauquen was an official selection at Venice Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival and Goteborg Film Festival. The film received its UK Premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival and is screening at Lewes Depot on Sunday 19 November as part of CINECITY Brighton Film Festival.

Directed by Laura Citarella and written by Laura Citarella and Laura Paredes. Trenque Lauquen is from the acclaimed El Pampero Cine collective (La Flor) and stars Laura Paredes, Ezequiel Pierri, Rafael Spregelburd, Cecilia Rainero, Juliana Muras, Elisa Carricajo and Verónica Llinás.

Trenque Lauquen – Parts 1 & 2 are in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema from 8th December.

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