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Dust To Dust – A serial killer stalks the Dust Bowl in the new comic book series from JG Jones and Phil Bram

Fan-favorite co-writers JG Jones (Wanted) and Phil Bram team up—with Jones on art as well—to bring a unique, historical thriller to life in the forthcoming Dust to Dust. This 10-issue limited series will launch in May 2024 from the Giant Generator line at Image Comics.

In the darkest days of the Great Depression, death stalks the Dust Bowl. As towering dust storms blast the parched Oklahoma panhandle, farmers try to flee the failing town of New Hope, but no one gets far. Battling his own demons, Sheriff Meadows teams up with Sarah, a traveling photo-journalist, in a desperate fight to stop the Death that rides the Dusters.

“When I was a kid, I loved listening to the old folks tell stories of the difficulties living through the Great Depression, and surviving the American Dust Bowl. It was almost inconceivable what these poor people lived through as the result of rapid modernization, politics, war, and blind greed,” said Jones. “Massive walls of dust that blew so hard they sandblasted everything in their path. Cattle killed by crackling rods of static electricity. Biblical plagues of hungry jackrabbits so dense it was like the earth itself was on the move. Shellshocked, disfigured veterans staggering along lonely highways, looking for food and shelter. Entire communities packed their meager belongings and fled to California to look for work. I wondered how it could possibly be any worse. Then it occurred to me: No one is allowed to leave. Death rides the dust storms, and the town of New Hope is directly in its path.”

Bram added, “It must be 15 or 16 years ago now since I first met Jeff. We hit it right off over Dylan, John Prine, Sam Shepard, Raymond Carver, Goya, Otto Dix, and the movie No Country For Old Men. But when I told him I was an Okie, his eyes really lit up. He had this idea for a story that takes place in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. Jeff pitched me the basic concept and asked if I would be interested in writing this story with him about a world that is no more. It’s all there in his spectacular art, in the people, in their faces, in their eyes. You almost don’t even need the words. Jeff, I thank you so much! You are my friend and you are my hero. I have never seen anyone pull off such an incredible feat in all my life!”

Rick Remender, architect behind the Giant Generator line, added “I couldn’t be more excited about this, the first book that Giant Generator has published outside of work that I have written. As soon as JG told me about a serial killer in the dust bowl I was in. And then I saw the pages… This book is something special.”

Dust to Dust #1 will be available at comic book shops in May 2024.

Dust to Dust will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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