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Deep Fear – Watch the trailer for the new shark-survival thriller

Prepare for a heart-in-mouth, great-white knuckle ride, as ‘narcs vs sharks’ survival thriller, Deep Fear, dives into digital screens this Autumn. Co-starring Madalina Ghenea (House of Gucci, Youth, Dom Hemingway) and Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl, Children of Men, Chalet Girl) alongside Stany Coppet (Vikings: Valhalla), Macarena Gomez (Dagon, Shrew’s Nest) and rising star, Ibrahima Gueye (The Life Ahead), DEEP FEAR will release in select cinemas and on demand from 30th October.

Madalina Ghenea stars as Naomi, an accomplished round-the-world yachtswoman, who sets out on a solo trip to meet her boyfriend, Jackson – played by Ed Westwick – in Grenada. Her tranquil three-day sail aboard 47-foot yacht ‘The Serenity’ takes an unexpectedly dark turn when a storm forces her off the plotted course.

Circumnavigating an uninhabited reef-fringed island, she responds to a distress signal to aid a sinking vessel where she finds three survivors clinging to the shattered remains of a boat. Events soon take a malevolent twist when it transpires the survivors are drug traffickers (narcos), played by Coppet and Gomez, who force Naomi to dive down into the hull of the sunken wreck to retrieve 850 kilos of cocaine. The plan is thwarted when Naomi finds herself surrounded by a frenzy of man-eating, great white sharks – lured by the dead bodies in the wreck. In a tense and deadly undersea attack, Naomi must use her wits and determination to survive.

Accomplished underwater cinematographer, Mark Silk and his team shot at depths of up to 60 feet using state-of-the-art technology and techniques to capture the fast-paced underwater action. BAFTA-award winning LipSync Post’s Head of VFX, David Fowler (Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narina, King Arthur), created CGI life scale models of the sharks using animation, texturing, lighting and water simulation software and techniques, to create a truly authentic and naturalistic depiction of the ocean’s ultimate predator.

Directed by Marcus Adams (Long Time Dead, Octane, The Marksman) with screenplay co-written by Robert Capelli Jr (The Rules (for Men), Mail Order Bride) and Sophia Eptamentis (Invincible Summer, What Exit?), DEEP FEAR is produced by Brilliant Pictures’ Sean O’Kelly (Iron Sky, Damascus Cover) and Marc Bikindou (Black Dahlia, Deception) together with Fred Films’ James Spring (Come Away, Dorian Gray, Fisherman’s Friends) as Executive Producer.

Director, Marcus Adams, said “My approach with Deep Fear was to feature the shark very sparingly. The imagination always elicits far greater fear than any visual. Combining cutting edge VFX and cinematography together with the breathtaking backdrop of the locations, enabled us to create something truly fresh and original for the genre. We can’t wait to share it with audiences worldwide.”

Ed Westwick added “A high stakes thriller set in paradise. What’s not to love?”

Madalina Ghenea added “I loved this character from the moment I read the script. Naomi is a fiercely confident, vibrant and highly accomplished young woman. It was an honour to play such an empowering female lead role.”

Ed Westwick is represented by Affirmative Entertainment (US) and Emptage Hallett Ltd (UK).

DEEP FEAR will be distributed via The Movie Partnership on Amazon, iTunes, Sky Store, Google Play, Microsoft, Rakuten, Virgin and BT from 30th October 2023. DEEP FEAR is available now to pre-order through Apple.

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