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Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West – Watch the trailer for the new documentary

Following writing, directing, as well as editing the feature film BLACK BEAUTY (starring Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy for Disney+) filmmaker and former journalist Ashley Avis decided to take a deeper dive into discovering the truth behind the eradication of America’s wild horses. Her new documentary WILD BEAUTY shines a spotlight on the federal mismanagement of wild horses and the tragic results of misguided policies.

In WILD BEAUTY: MUSTANG SPIRIT OF THE WEST, Avis and her crew carry audiences on a sweeping, multi-year journey of discovery, exploring not only the astonishing beauty of wild horses living free across millions of acres of public land, but debunking the The Bureau of Land Management’s shocking disinformation campaign against these national treasures. Rather than following the federal mandate to protect the horses, The Bureau of Land Management favors multi-million dollar commercial livestock corporations that are abusing Western public lands for profit; and few American taxpayers know this is happening.

For five years, Avis and her small crew traversed over 20,000 miles across thirteen different states, capturing breathtaking footage of highly intelligent, closely bonded wild horses and their families. The team also documented the brutal, antiquated roundups conducted by the Bureau of Land Management, where low-flying helicopters are often used to chase the horses for miles, sometimes in extreme heat. Thousands of horses, from days-old foals (newborn horses) to heavily pregnant mares (mothers) have been killed as a result.

In 2023, Avis and her partner Edward Winters received a Special Congressional Commendation for their work, and WILD BEAUTY is now eligible for the Oscars® 2024. The filmmakers hope that WILD BEAUTY does what BLACKFISH or THE COVE did for their respective species– and raises critical awareness to protect wild horses, along with other wild species necessary for the health of the ecosystem, before they are lost to history.

The award winning film is now available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, Spectrum, and more.

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