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Nightsiren – Watch the trailer for the new psychological horror from Tereza Nvotová

Nightsiren directed by Tereza Nvotová, with a screenplay by Barbora Namerova and Tereza Nvotová comes to digital October 24 via Breaking Glass Pictures. Set in a secluded mountain village, the film tells the story of two sisters who endure a tumultuous upbringing under the tyranny of their abusive mother.

One fateful day, a tragic accident occurs when the elder sister, Šarlota, flees into the surrounding woods, closely followed by her younger sister, Tamara. The blame for their disappearance falls upon Otyla, a Roma woman residing on the outskirts of the village. Accused of witchcraft, Otyla becomes a scapegoat for the sisters’ vanishing.

Twenty years later, Šarlota unexpectedly returns to the village, stirring suspicion and unease among the locals. Determined to uncover the truth about her past, she begins delving into her history, prompting the villagers to grow increasingly distrustful. Amidst this atmosphere of suspicion, the only person willing to befriend Šarlota is Mira, a young and eccentric herbalist.

As tensions rise within the community, a mysterious affliction befalls the village’s animals. Blaming Šarlota for conjuring the spirit of Otyla, the locals become convinced that she is responsible for the worsening situation. The film delves into themes of prejudice, superstition, and the consequences of collective fear, exploring the complexities of human nature and the long-lasting impact of past events.

“Nightsiren” weaves a haunting narrative, immersing viewers in a tale of secrets, injustice, and the resilience of the human spirit. It explores the search for truth, the power of friendship, and the fight against prejudice in a remote village gripped by suspicion and the remnants of a painful history.

“Nightsiren,” “The Witch,” and “Midsommar” all belong to the genre of psychological horror, but each film offers a unique exploration of dark themes and unsettling atmospheres.

While all three films share a common exploration of darkness, trauma, and the human psyche, they offer distinct narratives and stylistic approaches. “Nightsiren” delves into a more intimate, character-driven story within a specific cultural context, while “The Witch” and “Midsommar” explore larger themes with an emphasis on atmosphere, folklore, and psychological turmoil.

“We are honored to be part of bringing ‘Nightsiren’ to audiences in North America. Tereza Nvotová’s powerful direction, coupled with the exceptional writing of Barbora Namerova and Tereza Nvotová, has created a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film. ‘Nightsiren’ tackles important themes of abuse, prejudice, and the search for identity, and it does so with remarkable storytelling and a talented cast. We believe this film will captivate audiences and ignite conversations on the complexities of human relationships and the resilience of the human spirit” said Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass Pictures

“We are thrilled to work with Breaking Glass Pictures and we can’t wait for the North American release. This gem from Eastern Europe is a perfect example of “elevated genre”, capable of winning both in Locarno and Sitges Film Festival, a psychological mystery thriller with an arthouse soul, an anti-folk and feminist manifesto,” said Micaela Fusco – Head of International Sales.

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