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Dick Tracy is heading back to the comic books

Mad Cave Studios has partnered with Dick Tracy comics rights-holders Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, and Chantelle Aimée Osman, with oversight from DICK TRACY owners, Tribune Content Agency, to bring the iconic lawman back to comics!

For over 90 years, the evolution of Chester Gould’s detective DICK TRACY has gone from comic strip to a radio show and merchandise, all the way to hitting the big screen in 1990. Now the square-jawed crimestopper is making his way to Mad Cave for all new adventures and a super sly takeover of nostalgia.

At the helm of Mad Cave’s DICK TRACY series debut is bestselling and award-winning author Alex Segura (SECRET IDENTITY, ARANA/SPIDER-MAN 2099: DARK TOMORROW), acclaimed author Michael Moreci (BARBARIC, STRANGER THINGS), and renowned artist Geraldo Borges (NIGHTWING, NO/ONE, THUNDERBOLTS), with creative consultation from Chantelle Aimée Osman (THE REJECTS).

“Alex, Chantelle, and I have been pursuing DICK TRACY for many years, so to say this is a passion project, even that’s an understatement,” said Michael Moreci. “We love this character, we love this world. And we’re approaching it with great care—we don’t want to make a new DICK TRACY; we just want to make a DICK TRACY that feels rich and layered, that feels suited to our times. We can’t wait to share, with our great partners at Mad Cave, what we have in store.”

“This has been a long time coming, and we are all so excited to bring our grounded, noir take on the DICK TRACY mythos to life at Mad Cave,” said Alex Segura. “Michael and I have loved DICK TRACY, his stellar rogues gallery, and unforgettable supporting cast since we first became aware of the character as kids. It’s been a winding road to not only get the rights to publish new stories starring the iconic detective, and I’m so thankful that my journey with Chantelle and Michael brought us to Mad Cave. The stuff Geraldo is cooking up perfectly evokes the grounded, cinematic vibe we’re bringing to this origin story.”

“Mad Cave Studios is pleased to partner with Alex, Michael, Chantelle, and Tribune as part of our continued growth in the licensing arena,” said Mark Irwin, Mad Cave Senior Vice President. “DICK TRACY brings a wealth of colorful characters and stories that greatly enhance Mad Cave’s already strong licensing output.”

“We’re proud to see DICK TRACY, an all-time classic of truth and justice, return to comic books through our partners at Mad Cave Studios,” said Wayne Lown, Vice President & General Manager at Tribune Content Agency. “We look forward to daring new detective cases for this cultural icon, guided by their exceptional team of top-notch creators.”

“Calling all DICK TRACY fans – with over 90 years of storytelling across various mediums, everyone has ‘their’ version of Chester Gould’s yellow-jacketed detective,” said Mad Cave Studios Senior Editor, Chas Pangburn. “Mad Cave Studios is beyond honored to continue this legacy through a neo-noir reinvention of the character. We’ve partnered with all-star creators to deliver new tales of corruption, thievery, and murder.”

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