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What do we know about the Leprechaun Reboot?

Leprechaun is one of the longest-running horror franchises still in existence, with eight offerings of the comedy slasher so far. Warwick Davis has starred in six of the depictions, but the Englishman doesn’t look set to return for a seventh. That’s because there’s talk of a reboot from Lionsgate, which will take the series into a whole new era.

The series from Mark Jones has always been more of a niche offering, but a modern-day reboot has the potential to reach the mainstream.

Leprechaun Set for New Era

It was recently reported that instead of another sequel in the Leprechaun series, there will be a brand new offering from Felipe Vargas instead. Vargas is known for his work in the fantasy and horror genres, but his entire catalogue to date has been made up of shorts. That’s set to change soon, though, as his untitled Leprechaun project is now in the pre-production phase.

With this being a new era for the pictures, Davis will finally hand the baton over to a new actor. This will give someone else a chance to bring their own ideas to the role, and will also signify that this is the start of a new period for the movies. Dylan Postl and Linden Porco have played the character before in Leprechaun: Origins and Leprechaun Returns respectively, so they are unlikely to land the new role as well.

Irish Themes are Hugely Popular in Entertainment

In the Leprechaun series, the titular killer is desperately trying to track down a pot of gold that’s been stolen from him. This is one of the main themes of the Leprechaun franchise and the reason why the evil fantasy being is on a killing spree. This concept is inspired by Irish folklore, albeit a twisted interpretation.

There’s plenty of other content out there for people in search of happier Irish themes. Indeed, the gaming industry has loads of offerings that use the Emerald Isle to attract players. For instance, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars uses many settings from Ireland. 2007’s Folklore was another popular game that drew on Irish mythology. The online casino industry has plenty of Irish-themed titles, perhaps because the country is so famously associated with luck. The 9 Pots of Gold slot game is one of the leading games on the market, and the Microgaming title features a lot of classic Irish imagery. Players will find gold, rainbows, shamrocks, and leprechauns in this title.

Judging by the sheer popularity of Irish themes in popular culture, there’s a good chance that a Leprechaun reboot will be a hit. The new picture will have an even greater chance of success if it franchises out into gaming to get in front of a greater number of players.

Leprechaun may be a beloved franchise, but it is hard to keep things fresh after eight movies. It could be the perfect time for a new director to reboot the flicks and bring his own ideas to the table.

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