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Strange sea creatures invade a coastal town in the Lovecraftian trailer for Konstantinos Koutsoliotas’ Minore

Get ready for a creature feature like no other, Minore, from award-winning director and visual effects expert extraordinaire Konstantinos Koutsoliotas. Renowned for his work on Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, 1917, West Side Story, Guardians of The Galaxy and more, Koutsoliotas brings his artistic brilliance to this unique, Greek, magnificent monster movie.

On a steamy summer’s night in Greece sailor William (Davide Tucci – Napoleon, Barbarians), on shore leave, arrives in a quaint coastal village to search for his long-lost father. The town is full of music and dancing and in a bustling taverna, where the locals are drinking and dining, William takes a shine to waitress Aliki (Daphne Alexander – The Ghost, The Fourth Kind). But after an enjoyable night, his quest quickly takes a sinister turn. A sudden mist engulfs the town and otherworldly monsters from the deep begin to invade, enticing the locals into the sea with strange and disturbing dreams…

When things turn freaky, it’s fighting not flirting that takes priority as William and Aliki join forces with the colourful locals – including bar owner, Pantelis (played by Eurovision contestant Christos Callow) – to battle the beasts. Everyone from musicians to bodybuilders, tourists to criminals and even a priest and a granny must fight the fearsome foes to save their tranquil town, with non-stop clashes and gratuitous gore all the way.

Filled with local flavour, brilliantly old-school style special effects, melodic music, nightmarish creatures and gallons of gore, this enthrallingly entertaining new horror is set for its European premiere at FrightFest on Saturday 26 August and will also screen on Monday 28 August.

The film stars Davide Tucci (Barbarians), Daphne Alexander (The Ghost), Nicolas Bravos (Don’t Read This On A Plane), Constantin Symsiris (The Durrells), Christos Callow (Outlanders), Efi Papatheodorou (The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants), and Igor Górewicz (The Seeker: The Dark is Rising).

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